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Zimbabwe VP satisfied with sports facilities

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By Elia Chibwe

Second Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Kembo Mohadi, who is in this country on a three-day visit, has expressed satisfaction over the Griffin Saenda Sports Complex and Bingu National Stadium sports facilities in Lilongwe.

Minister of Sports, Uchizi Mkandawire-speaking to the press after Vice President of Zimbabwe, Khembo Mohadi toured Bingu National Stadium (BNS)-pic by Moses Nyirenda.

Speaking Friday after touring the facilities, Mohadi was satisfied with modernity of the facilities saying they meet standards of athletes.

“Athletics is something that needs proper and well standard facilities; so these are good,” Mohadi said.

He said, his country has many sports facilities but none of them qualify in the Federation International Football Association’s (FIFA) expectations.

“The purpose of my trip is to benchmark what should be done in Zimbabwe as Malawi hosted the Regional Tournament and is one of the countries approved with a stadium that meets FIFA expectations,” he said.

Minister of Youth and Sports, Uchizi Mkandawire, said Mohadi’s visit is important as it will boost the country to do more in as far as sports facilities are concerned.

He reiterated the importance of building Griffin Saenda sports facility in a modern standard that can include various sports disciplines.

“Griffin Saenda was started as a netball indoor facility but it was important and paramount to include other sports discipline like basketball, volleyball and all other small sports disciplines.

“That is why we had to change the scope of work at the facility and that necessitated additional financing,” he said.

Griffin Saenda sports facility is being constructed to the tune of K15 billion.

According to Mkandawire, the project will be completed this year.

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