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Zathu Pa Wailesi Set For Season 7

By Ireen Kayira

Lilongwe , October 2,Mana: After successfully unpacking six seasons of Zathu pa Wailesi in three years  the youthful radio show  is back with season seven to start on September 5, 2020.

Speaking with Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Friday in Lilongwe, one of the cast members, Teresa Phondo said season seven will continue to assist youth understand what is happening in their lives through its story line which relates to what an average Malawian youth goes through .

“As you know season six tackled a lot of issues to deal with youths through the different characters, among others for example was the character of TK who was encouraging her younger sister to go and get her second dose of cervical cancer vaccine.

 “Similarly the character of Chikondi who found herself in her first relationship with the character of Avocado,” she said.

She added that the season will continue to send the sexual reproductive health messages to the youth.  

Another cast member, Jonathan Pangani said Zathu aims to bring boys and girls together to share ideas and issues that affect them and also encourage girls and boys in their daily life.

“One of the hot areas in season seven is the issue of cervical cancer vaccine which is mainly being tackled through the character of TK’s sister Alinafe.

“Alinafe had already taken all the two doses of the vaccine so through this character the young ones will be encouraged to get their vaccine and those that took it in for the first time in January will be encouraged to get their second dose,” he said.

He added that among the objectives of season seven is to increase the number of young ones who are going to access the cervical cancer vaccine which is coming next year in January.

“Apart from that we also want to encourage our communities to encourage the youth as they grow up to ask questions that relate to their lives more especially issues of sexual reproductive health,” he said.

He further said it is difficult for most youth to ask about these issues because traditions and cultural beliefs restrict them to ask about these issues.

Season seven has more exiting stories the program Timve Kwainu with DJ Goxy and C-Zee going all around Malawi and taking the stories of people and what’s going on in their lives.

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