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Women’s Dependency Fueling GBV

By Luke Kantayeni

Most women in Malawi are said to be victims of gender based violence because they depend much on their husbands to provide all the basic needs in their families.

Rural Women Assembly (RWA) Chairperson in Malawi, Alice Kachere was speaking during commemoration of International Women’s Day and World Food Day in Ntchisi District on Friday.

“It becomes difficult for a woman who depends on her husband to feed the family to report human rights violations that she goes through to officials, as she thinks of how she would take care of the family if the husband has been arrested.

“But if she has the capacity to source funds on her own, she has the total boldness of reporting violence to officials knowing that even without the husband, she can still take great care of the family,” Kachere explained.

Member of Parliament for Ntchisi East Constituency, Benard Chitekwe, commended the work that RWA is doing in promoting women’s rights, self reliance and fighting gender based violence in the area.

“With the initiative that RWA is implementing, most women from this area have knowledge on gender based violence and they are reporting to officials without fear any time they face it as they are also equipped with means of finding money on their own,” said Chitekwe.

A member of Chikho Rural Women Assembly, Tamala Makungwa said men in the area have now realised that women can also do better in the development of the family when given chance.

Rural Women Assembly was introduced in 2009 with the aim of encouraging women in rural areas to be self-reliant. –MANA

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