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Women Entrepreneurs Launch PAWER Magazine

By Arkangel Tembo

Blantyre, August 25, Mana: With continuous growth and diversification in Malawian entrepreneurs, the need for increased media coverage cannot be ignored.

It is against this background that a group of women entrepreneurs called ‘Empower’ have ganged up to launch a magazine under the name PAWER, to continue on its path to deliver a product that will highlight a number of issues including engaging business women across Malawi.

While most magazines and publications fail to prosper and live to their promises, PAWER   Magazine, owned by young ladies led by co-founder, Prisca Chipao, is poised on continuity.

Chipao, a lawyer by profession and her team released the first edition of PAWER for the month of August on Monday (August 24, 2020).

“PAWER Magazine herein, continues to inspire the next generation of successful youth by creating opportunities to young women to tell their authentic stories distinctively.

“The magazine has also been used as a marketing tool for women-led businesses,” said Chipao.

Chipao said in the first edition, they have highlighted a number of issues, like engaging business women across Malawi and use their experiences to inform advocacy [and policy recommendations] for a gender responsive enabling economic environment.

“In this edition, we have also highlighted a gender perspective to the economic status of Malawi.

“We have also highlighted inspiring business stories of women in the peri-urban areas who rarely get the spotlight,” she said.

Inside the magazine, there are interesting articles covering successful women who are into businesses and farming from rural areas of Mitundu in Lilongwe and Mseche in Mchinji, according to Chipao.

She said to reach out to many people, the publication can be accessed online as well as in hard copy.

“Empower is a movement that seeks to empower young women economically.

“The initiative was hatched from the need to support women to be financially capable in order to create a gender responsive enabling economic environment,” she said.

The other objective of Empower is to train and support 1000 women to start-up and grow their businesses by 2023, Chipao added.

According to Chipao, the group wants to be a voice for women in business in Malawi by advocating for a gender responsive enabling economic environment.

“We would like to create working partnerships with financial institutions to increase women’s access to financial lending institutions.

“It is our wish to promote buying products and services from women [create markets for women] and enable those women in business to support fellow women,” Chipao said.

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