Women Aspire in Manchester – Reflect on Year End Table Talk Dinner Event

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By Our Reporter

As a way of building our community and supporting women on their journey, Women Aspire  organised a 2018 end of year dinner at Baptist church, Wellington Street in Gorton, Manchester on the  24th of November.

Women took time away from their busy lives and stepped into a supportive community of women gathered from all different walks of life to be inspired, recharged and renew their spirits.   It’s so common for women to take care of everyone else in their lives and forget about supporting and nurturing themselves.  The first thing from their “to do” list that seems to fall away is taking time with friends and truly enjoying life.

It was an evening to remember as women from all walks of life converged at the venue well dressed in their evening gowns.

The End of Year Table talk dinner was organised for the following reasons;

  • As a time of reflection for women as we draw towards the end of 2018
  • Fellowship
  • To be inspired to dream big and in colours

The speakers on the night made a clarion call to the women to take pride in who they are and to know that they are worthy all the dreams that they have. They women were also cautioned to be careful and to set boundaries for themselves when interacting with people on social media and even in their relationships. The women were called to love themselves and make themselves a priority as it is only by doing this that they are of service and able to love others.

The women were also called to set goals for their lives and as the late President of Malawi, Bingu Wa Mutharika used to say, to always dream in colours and believe they are worth every goal that they set out to achieve.

Dr Muyeba finished the speeches by asking women to practice rapar every morning, a time for reflection and energizing themselves for the day.

The women then feasted on a two course dinner which was prepared by Ruth’s Super Kitchen to the sound of music which was provided by Forbes.

Women Aspire’s board comprises four ladies who have various skill sets and knowledge covering diverse professional areas including businesses and work. It is such a combination of personal attributes that propelled the women realising that if such is put together, they will be a force to reckon. Apart from the Administrative Secretary Ruth Mbera, the other board members are Mrs Tikhala Chimpango as Chairman, Mrs Mary Kachitsa as Finance Director and Pastor Mrs Mary Kanyenda as Vice Finance Director.

Women Aspire’s objectives is to serve, impact, teach, build, motivate, prepare, embrace, empower and encourage women. This will be implemented through workshops, conferences, seminars and afternoon tea & table talks. Although its name suggests that it will only serve women, but the plan is to cater for all including men and the youth, in other words the organisation will be very inclusive in its delivery.

Areas of operations will include; mental/ physical/emotional/ physical health,  marriage issues, relationships in general, education, career advancement, girl empowerment, business, children/ parenting and finance management. Most women in the UK have no avenues where such issues as outlined are addressed, therefore this organisation has been formed at the right time to help them.