Women Aspire Aims Higher after Launch

By Leyman Publications

It is exactly a month ago that four women came together to form an organisation in the UK, Manchester. The successful launch of ‘Women Aspire’ took place on 4th August 2018 at Trinity Baptist church in Manchester. It was well attended by over 70 women from different nationalities in the North West of England. In the introduction Pastor Mary Kanyenda told the women in attendance that the organization has been created for the purpose of serving, inspiring, encouraging and the empowerment of women and the youth and this will be happening through table talks, dinners, conferences and seminars.

Pastor Mrs Kanyenda giving out the introductory remarks.

The Aspiring Relationship Coach, Ruth Mbera kicked off the sessions by talking about the Importance of Building Positive Relationships.

Ruth briefly shared about her personal journey as a divorcee  and that any woman going through this should not be ashamed but draw strength from it and touch the lives of others. Our mental health and well being are tied up in the quality of our personal relationships, this does not only include family or friends but also wider groups and communities we belong to.

Women were encouraged to show kindness to one another  as we never know who has keys to the door we need opened or closed. It’s also important to  invest time in relationships as we cannot expect to make withdrawals when we have deposited nothing.

“It is from the web of our relationships and connections with other people that we draw our strength from” she said with passion. “Hence if we talk about serving,making an impact,teaching, building, motivating, empowering and encouraging one another which are some of the Women Aspire objectives, this will start with building positive relationships.”

Mrs Mary Kachitsa

Another member of the organisation’s board, Mrs Mary Kachitsa made a presentation on business start up and management. In her presentation she outlined the various forms one can choose in setting up a business. Mrs Kachitsa gave some of the critical issues that people seeking to be business owners need to take into consideration. she touched on the various sources of capital for business start ups.

Caroline Motsepe

Mrs Mulaula Salama, Ms Chimwemwe Kafundu and  a mental health practitioner DC Caroline Motsepe were some of the featured speakers on the day inspiring and encouraging women to keep take care of themselves mentally and physically for they matter to themselves first of all, their families and the large community. To keep evolving and not to settle for less and always to keep challenging themselves to a higher standard of work in their businesses and work places. The presentations struck a chord with many women in attendance who remarked, “they felt a new sense of purpose towards their lives. It was truly a day to remember.

Caroline Motsepe specialises in Complimentary therapies, a holistic approach to Health issues. Her emphasis for her presentation on this day was on Women’s Health, more specifically Mental Health. She highlighted the fact that Health is wealth therefore it needed protection, improvement and prioritization. The stigma around mental health need not to deter women from seeking help for their sake and for the sake of those who love them.

Guest Of Honour for the launch Merline Ulysse

Her thoughts on Women Aspire, Caroline said the launch was a success, the attendance was great. You could see the desire and delight in everyone who attended. She believes it is a great platform to help women discover their significance and help them live life to their full potential.

The Guest Of Honour for the launch event was Merline Ulysse a talent development award winning coach, speaker, communication with the John Maxwell Team (Certified by the John Maxwell Faculty of Leadership speaking and training USA). She is also a certified CBT Practitioner (UK). In a nutshell Merline Ulysse is a published author, youth talent development coach, business strategist, mindset specialist, a relationship coach and personal development coach, keynote, inspirational and motivational speaker.

Her Thoughts on Women Aspire, “The program was well thought of, the setting was splendid, the snacks were great, the venue was good, the chosen outfits was spectacular and the program layout was fine.”

The next Women Aspire event this year is the ‘Youth Empowerment Seminar’ which is scheduled for October this year.

Mrs Tikhala Chimpango

Mrs Mulaula Salama

Ms Chimwemwe Kafundu

Ruth Mbera