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Woman Arise Brings ‘SHE MATTERS’ Meetings to Your Living Room

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By Tikhala Chimpango

Realising the impact that COVID-19 and the death of George Floyd has had on the BAME community. Woman Arise has organised a series of Virtual interactive meetings with aim of starting a conversation about the issues that these two have brought to the fore.

Statistics have shown that Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) community are more vulnerable to COVID-19 which invariably has wider social economic implications i.e. work, poverty and immigration laws. Here in the United Kingdom, the BAME population accounts for 13% of the entire population for Wales and England.

Evidence shows that not only are BAME community disproportionately impacted by health inequalities, the economic impact is likely to hit them harder too, with rates of poverty in BAME communities being twice that of other communities.

We therefore invite you to join us as we start having conversations around these two issues and as we discuss how as a community we can move forward; becoming the bridges and at the same time addressing some of the factors that seem to impact us negatively. 

This call is on each one of us to start participating and building a better future for ourselves and the generations to come by having empowering conversations. We must speak. We are not going to say everything perfectly, we should all strive to become part of a solution one step at a time. Having a conversation about these is one of the steps. In this season, “silence is agreement.” We need conversations about race, privilege, apathy, and what it will take to become the bridge to a better future.

In the next few weeks, we are going to have a series of Zoom meetings which will touch on Health, Moneysmarts, and Inequalities in our World. The first two are about our health.

The first meeting is on 20th June, 2020 from 3pm to 4:30pm with Dr Maggie Nyirenda-Nyangwa as the Guest Speaker. (Click to Join Meeting on the Day). The second is on 4th July, 2020 from again 3pm to 4:30pm with Ms Thandeka Kasenda as the Guest Speaker. You can click the meeting description to link on to either of the Zoom meeting on the scheduled day or look up the details on the flyers within this article which have Passwords and meeting ID numbers for use to access the two meetings.

Woman Arise

Woman Arise mission is to serve women by empowering, inspiring, building and challenging them up through personal development and entrepreneurial workshops, seminars and conferences and our Vision is to see every woman rise-up,  walk in their power and find their wings to soar. Realizing that she matters, and is worthy the goals she wants to pursue, whatever that may be. Below are the objectives of the organisation:

  • to provide a platform and a network where women are accepted, embraced regardless of background, race and ethnicity.
  • to provide a platform where women are  mentored,  coached,  challenged and  dared to arise as they follow and pursue their dreams and passions.
  • to embrace and accept all women regardless of background, race and ethnicity
  • to provide a platform where women get exposure to personal development and business mentors and coaches.
  • to help women find the music that stirs their souls thereby start walking in their purpose in life.
  • to mentor, train and build up the youth.
  • to provide a platform for Networking.
  • to challenge cultural norms and beliefs that do not serve women and the youth.
  • to provide a platform where mental health and physical health are discussed.

The organisation is managed by Tikhala Chimpango and Mary Kachitsa and has got three trustees namely Barbara Makhalira, Tamanda Kalua and Chrissy Mlota.

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