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Women Arise Organises MONEYSMARTS Ladies Third Seminar

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By Tikhala Chimpango

MONEYSMARTS Ladies (3) Re-emerging Better and Stronger

The country has just been through a devastating season with Covid-19 pandemic and the BAME community has been the worst hit and the impact on mental health and physical well-being on women has been hard.   It is argued that when tackling the devastating social and economic dimensions of the crisis, a focus should be on the most vulnerable by designing policies that, among other things; support, providing health and unemployment insurance, and social protections, while also bolstering businesses to prevent bankruptcies and job losses.

Saying COVID-19 has impacted more women than men would be an understatement.  Many reports have in the last few months made it clear that women have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Statistically, more women have been hit by debt and financial difficulties as a disproportionate number work in the sectors most affected by closures  for instance retail, hospitality and travel.

Tikhala Chimpango – Women Arise

On the plus side we are also seeing that women are emerging from the pandemic more resilient than ever, with many looking to invest in their development and their careers. We are seeing more women emerging as entrepreneurs, as they seek to solve problems that have been brought to the fore during the pandemic.

The pandemic has shown us women that we need to create our own economies by building businesses whether on full-time or as a side thing. Statistics have shown that now more than ever women are turning to entrepreneurship. Women make up 40% of new entrepreneurs. There are so many reasons why this is the case just to name a few these are:

  • #Flexibility– women are still the primary caregivers when it comes to children. A survey that was conducted in the States revealed that this was the number one reason many women are venturing into business.
  • #Becomingyourownboss– the ability setting one’s own schedule, rates and charge for what one is worth.
  • #Passion– the ability to follow the music that stirs one’s soul, not only is this meaningful but one is also able to leave a legacy.

ARise Project #CommunitiesCan

The project has been funded by National lottery supported by the government and is for women. The funding has come from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund which is distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund. The funding has made it possible for Woman Arise to hold Zoom Sessions around issues brought to the fore during the pandemic. 

The Zoom sessions have helped women to stay connected to each other thereby reducing fear, worry, stress, anxiety, and effects of quarantine on their normal routines or livelihoods. Most importantly is the knowledge and information that women have shared on various topics around Physical and Mental well-being and Finances.

Join us on the 12th September in what seems to be our final Zoom session in these series….. as we look at how we as BAME women can position ourselves and re-emerge out of this season stronger and better #CommunitiesCan BY continuing to disrupt the status quo, starting our own businesses with beautiful branding, user centric design and employing mission focused business practices..

Future Women Arise Events

10th October, 2020 -Youth Seminar Lessons from Covid-19 Re-emerging better and stronger

31st October – SHE Matters (3) Lessons from Covid-19 Re-emerging better and stronger

21st November – SHE Matters (4) Lessons from Covid-19 Re-emerging better and stronger

11th December, 2020- SHE Matters (5) Lessons from Covid-19 Re-emerging better and stronger

All these future events will take place at St Thomas Centre, Ardwick Green North, Manchester, UK. M12 6FZ.

The organisation, Women Arise is managed by Tikhala Chimpango and Mary Kachitsa and has got three trustees namely Barbara Makhalira, Tamanda Kalua and Chrissy Mlota.

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