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Why Cockroaches are so hard to kill?

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By Ted-Ed

In order to visualize and dramatize the lives of these fascinating creatures, the artists have chosen to playfully anthropomorphize cockroaches. In real life cockroaches don’t dine like humans, go shopping for organic matter, and most unfortunately, don’t wear lederhosen (at least, to the best of our knowledge).

n ancient Egypt, there was a spell that declared, “Be far from me, O vile cockroach.” Thousands of years later, we’re still trying to oust these insects. But from poison traps to brandished slippers, cockroaches seem to weather just about everything we throw at them.

So, what makes cockroaches so hard to kill? Ameya Gondhalekar digs into the genetic wonders of this troublingly tenacious creature.

Lesson by Ameya Gondhalekar, directed by Irida Zhonga. Watch the video below:

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