By Collins Chingota

The word worship comes from a root word, ’worth-ship’. Worth-ship simply means expressing the way something is worthy to you. If you decide to buy a car at 10 million kwacha, that amount is revealing the way you value the car, it is the worship of the car to you. That is where worship comes from.

To be precise, therefore, worship is a way of expressing the way we value God. How much is God worthy to you? What ever you do as a reflection or as a response to His worthiness to you is worship.

A few points to note from that definition. Firstly, worship begins from inside you. How you consciously and more importantly, subconsciously, you value God. We all value God differently. Therefore the way we express our worship to God is also differently. So, worship starts with an internal valuation of God.

This is why God has always been demanding worship from His people. He wants to be valued the most by all of us. If we value God above all things we will definitely give Him our utmost worship!

Secondly, worship is visible. If you value and want a shoe at k3000 and you have that K3000 in your pocket, you will have to prove that you really value that shoe by actually buying it. It is not enough to simply say God is good and worthy to be worshiped without proving it.

Worship starts from the heart but it does not end there. How do you prove your love for God. The list is endless. You can prove it by boasting about your love for Him, by doing the things He loves, telling the good news about his salvation plan to people, giving to the needy. Endless. The choice is yours!