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Wealth Creation Critical in New Vision Agenda For Malawi

By Tione Andsen

National Planning Commission (NPC) has emphasized the need to aim at prioritizing wealth creation in the development of   Vision 2063 agenda for the country. 

NPC Director General, Dr. Thomas Munthali said this Tuesday during Vision 2020 Review Validation workshop held at Crossroads hotel in Lilongwe.

He said the country need to focus in the productive sectors of tourism, mining, commercial agriculture; manufacturing and urbanization if the new vision agenda should be meaningful to the country’s development process.

Munthali pointed out that wealth creation was key cardinal issue to addressing poverty level among rural communities saying resources should be more available to facilitate the process.

“We had few challenges as country when we were implementing the Vision 2020 because we were heavily dependent on donors for their support which was not even adequate to drive the Vision and at the end of the day the country was plunged into huge debts which were difficult service,” the Director General explained.

He said the development of new 2063 Vision agenda should take into account lessons and experiences from the implementation of Vision 2020 whereby framers of the successor Vision would have a wide scope of issues.

  “We engaged an independent consultant to thoroughly evaluation Vision 2002 implementation so that they should give us fair and accurate assessment on its performance. We need to critically report the report and come up with new strategies which will be beneficial to the country,” Munthali added.

He said the development of the successor Vision required the involvement of all stakeholders to raise issues which need to be taken on board for its proper implementation.

Premier Consult Team Leader, Prof. Oliver Saasa said the implementation of the Vision 2020 had some challenges and there is need to iron out the gaps when developing the new successor Vision.

He said the Vision was formulated to turn Malawi into a middle income country but it has failed to grow the economy in order to attain the aspirations.

“We need to look at several sectors as we are trying to find out why as the country we have failed to develop those sectors. We need to compare with our neighbouring countries on how we have been performing to develop.”Saasa said

He said there is need to encourage political will to do things different and spearhead private sector participations in the economic development of the country.-MANA

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