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Home » News » Validation of decentralization policy and local government bill to spur service delivery

Validation of decentralization policy and local government bill to spur service delivery

By Mphatso Nkuonera

Lilongwe, Mana: Minister of Local Government Prof. Blessings Chinsinga says development has suffered a lot due to lack of well validated decentralization policy.

The minister made these remarks on Thursday during launch of ‘validation of decentralization policy and local government bill’ at Capital Sunbird Hotel in Lilongwe.

“The finalization of this revised policy and act will spearhead development. Malawi should have not have been here by now if we had implemented this policy and act. Citizens have suffered and development has stalled for long for the ordinary man in the village, who are estimated at 80 per cent as we speak,” he said

He added that lack of political will has led to the citizens to land in the current situation of local development progress.

“Over decades ago, the country embarked on a decentralizing journey that aimed at empowering people of Malawi to participate fully in the governance and socio-economic development of this country, regardless of political, religious, tribal, regional, and cultural affiliations.

This was mainly to strengthen demand driven development especially among the grassroots. If we had political will Malawi would be far,” he explained.

UNICEF’s Country Representative, Rudolf Schwenk, hailed government through the Ministry of Local Government that the validated decentralization policy will play a very great role in improving service delivery.

“This will lead to quality service delivery. It has been a long process to take all consultative strides, but that we are finally here it is very commendable.

“We are grateful that UNICEF with other development partners we have moved together towards this far, we pledge our support to make sure that we realize the ultimate goal of this validation of decentralization policy and local government bill launched,” he said.

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