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UPA yields positive results in promoting children’s rights

By Rennie Tembo

Ujama Pamodzi Africa says it is impressed with the results of preventing and responding to gender based violence (GBV) against children with albinism.

Speaking on Friday in Lilongwe UPA District Coordinator Susan Ngwira Phiri said it is interesting to see the project achieving its objective of curbing GBV among the children with disabilities and albinism.

Phiri said the project has also assisted in promoting inclusion of children with disabilities and albinism in a number of activities within their society.

“We have managed to train 86 children with albinism and disabilities at Kabuthu and Mitundu primary school and we have empowered young women by equipping them with practical knowledge and advocacy for their children’s rights and well-being,” she said.

Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi (APAM) Acting Chairperson Michael Mvula thanked UPA for the project saying there are a lot of people with albinism now coming out without fear of being attacked.

“This project has empowered our members to stand and make decisions on their own. Some parents were not allowing their children to participate in any activities in the community because of the belief that there is nothing people with albinism can do,” he said.

The project which started in 2022 and targeted 310 children with albinism and disabilities between the age of 8 to 25 was funded by United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

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