UK Aid Introduces Hi-Tech Drone in KU

By Yankho Phiri

United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID), in partnership with a British drone manufacturing company, successfully tested their latest drone at humanitarian drone testing corridor in Kasungu on Friday.

The drone, which weighs 63 kilogrammes when it’s fully loaded with cargo, will be used for long range delivery of emergency medical supplies, infrastructure monitoring and retrieval of medical samples for faster diagnosis of diseases like Tuberculosis (TB) and Cholera. 

Co-founder of The Hansard V Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Daniel Ronan said the drone, which was the first biggest to be tested at the corridor, has been designed with a highest technology that makes it able to cover a distance of 90 kilometres per hour.

“To our best knowledge, this is the first biggest drone platform that will support three independent public services in a single deployment including medical deliveries without it landing and helping park rangers with anti-poaching activities,” he said.

Team Leader for DFID in Malawi, Sarah Pannel said the drone would help them in responding quickly to emergencies including natural disasters.  

Chief Flight Operations Officer for Malawi Civil Aviation Department, Captain Hastings Jailos said the coming in of drone technology is a great development as people in hard to reach areas would be getting help much faster than before.

DFID, through its Frontier Technology Live Streaming programme, is promoting the use of drone technology in health services, humanitarian response, as well prevention of poaching. -MANA