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“ The WOW effect of make up as passion and business” – Siphiwe

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By Philes Davis

Make up has the power to give someone the confidence they all need,  or change their life even  bring  a smile or even evoke tears. Its just a sense of empowering a women’s confidence and being able to stand out to the crowed. It can teach you how to accept yourself as a human.

Looking at the case of a beauty queen  Siphiwe Mzembe.  a Makeup Artist and Beautician also dealing in  hairstyling and  sales Beauty products, which have been running for 4 years now;  Is  one thing you would bare with me that make up artist are one of the big things going on in this country.  

“When you are starting a career as a makeup artist, having the right knowledge, competitive skills and dedication are just a few of the key ingredients to be successful.  It’s not an easy road, nothing is easy in this world to build a brand or a name in the make up industry is not easy people go for the best,”  Siphiwe attested. 

 To her make up is special  one thing that has groomed her to what she is. Make up taught her that you can take a mirror Gaspe at it and be able to wipe away the negativity u have had the whole day,  and start a fresh.  That red lipstick taught her confidence it’s not just the red lipstick but a confidence in a tube,  and a concealer  taught her that you can walk in the street with a scare covered by it and still get your confidence intact.  

 “Make up is my full time job.” Siphiwe said, “I earn a living through it  and still get my passion invested because since I was a child make up has been my dream. Despite earning money from it I still gain all happiness I ever wanted from it because it’s my passion since I was young.  I enjoy what I do.

We all have goals and dreams  in whatever we do in life so is Siphiwe 

“In 5 years I see myself training other aspiring makeup artist and also opening a Beauty School (artistry) to give an Opportunity to many young ladies as we don’t even have a make up school apart from the kitchen and catering schools I see everywhere.   In parts of Malawi. And I believe this is possible with my hard work.”  

 “We all have role models mine is  My mom she is my Role Model her Hard Work and dedication towards achieving something inspires me a lot. When she puts her heart into something she always makes sure she fulfils it. She is my woman crush. A woman I would look up to and say Lord make me exactly like the woman I am looking at right now. 

 The verse that keeps me Going is James 2:17  So also, faith by itself if it has not works, is dead.


Siphiwe saloon is  located behind Eco Bank Ginnery corner Karim Ayub Mart shop no A11 upstairs first room.. she also Take Special Bookings for those that Would want her services to be done either at their home or workplace..

“God works I follow the path” 

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