The Transforming Power of Worship

By Minister Collin Chingota

We worship because we have found God to be worthy of our worship. But thanks be to God that as we worship Him, we do not remain the same. Something happens to us when we worship Him. There is power in worship. Today we will find out more about the power of worship.

Minister Collin Chingota

In the book of Psalm 115, there is an exaltation to worship the Lord alone instead of idols such as money (vs 7). Then in verse 8 it says, ‘those who worship idols become as worthless as the idols themselves’. Just as idols can not save a man, can not transform a person, those who put their trust in them as valuable become as worthless as well. The same also applies when we worship the worthiest deity, God himself. We get transformed into his image.

In the book of 2 Corinthians 3 verse 18, it says, ‘we with unveiled faces, as we behold the Lord’s glory as in a mirror are changed into the same image from glory to glory’. Hallelujah! This is what happens: as we worship God, we turn our attention to Him and his greatness, we marvel and meditate on his word and his character. The more we do this; the same glory permeates our entire being, we become more aware of His Presence such that our minds become renewed with the impact of that glory. And as Romans 12:2 says, our lives become transformed by this renewing of our minds. We are transformed in a sense that we begin to think like God and operate in his class just as He has always desired. What a glorious privilege worship is!

My friend, Let’s spend time devoting ourselves to God, admiring his beauty and glory and see our lives transformed from glory to glory.

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