The Adventure of knowing God

By Minister Collin Chingota

One of the best things every Christian or worshiper should do is to know God. Knowing God is the greatest privilege and this article will show us why. One of the famous quotes of C.S Lewis says, ‘the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever’. Very true. Man’s greatest fulfilment is found in worshiping God.

We were created in His image so that we can be his extensions on earth fulfilling his will and expanding his kingdom: giving him glory.

Minister Collin Chingota

But this chief end can not be achieved if we do not know God personally. You see, once sin came into the world, man lost his identity and the knowledge of God. And because we lost that knowledge of God and we are designed to worship something, we replaced Him with other gods.

But each time that knowledge of God is restored we take a step closer to a place of true worship. Our mission, therefore, is to know God fully as we ought. It should be pointed out here that knowing God here is more than just an intellectual knowledge, it is an experiential knowledge.

How do we know God at this deep and experiential level? We know God intimately through meditation. During this meditation, you relax your mind and focus on the attributes of God. Imagine his greatness and holiness. Thank Him for what He is, what He does and what He has as revealed in the Bible.

As you do this, your faith in and knowledge of Him grows. The more we know God like this, the better worshipers we become and the more meaning our lives become. This is an adventure I have enjoyed in my life and I pray that you do the same.