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Teen Fakes Pregnancy

Malawi Police service at Lingadzi in Lilongwe on Thursday arrested a 17 year old girl (name with held) for allegedly faking pregnancy centrally to section 122(a) of the penal code.

Public Relations Officer for the station, Salomy Zgambo told Mana Online that the girl had, on morning of the said day visited Area 18 Health Center for antenatal check up.

She said the suspect had risen from the check up bed and attempted to escape when it it was time for physical check up.

“Nurses examining her got suspicious and then called for help. The suspect had however managed to overpower the nurses and escaped.

By the time other health workers came, she was already outside the hospital premises,” explained Zgambo who further explained that it took the help of outside helpers to bring her back into the hospital where it was discovered she had wrappers and clothes under her gown dress.

She said the girl was later brought to police where another urine pregnancy test was conducted in presence of police and medical personnel and the result came out negative.

Zgambo added that the suspect had confessed to the police that she had feigned the pregnancy because her boyfriend had been pressuring her for a baby.

“When her mother was later called by police, she said she was also always suspicious about her daughter’s pregnancy because each time she asked her daughter to inspect the pregnancy, she would refuse,” explained Zgambo.

The minor is since expected to appear before court soon to answer the charge of giving false information to a public officer.

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