Teachers Warned Against Bragging Of Qualification in Class

By Solister Mogha

Minister of Education Science and Technology, Dr William Susuwele Banda has warned teachers in various schools in the country to stop frightening students but rather inspire them to potentially achieve their goals.

He issued a warning in Blantyre Friday during a graduation ceremony of 39 Secondary School Teachers who underwent a six week course in Technical Education at the Malawi Polytechnic.

Banda said some teachers were fond of boosting of their qualifications in class and spending more of their time proving how intelligent they were in their time instead of encouraging students to work hard and achieve their goals.

“Teachers have a crucial role in shaping, defining the life of someone and if they start castigating students, there is no way that child would achieve his or her goals and potential be someone one in life.

“I therefore would like to request all teachers to make a difference in student’s life and be remembered for their good work,” the Minister said.

He said the ministry would always appreciate teachers who translated their knowledge and skills in classroom to better the life of a Malawian child.

One of the Graduating Secondary School Teachers, Fynesi Mitaya promised to always inspire her students to work hard and achieve their dreams.-MANA