Stay Home And Have Fun — Heat On The Gram

For most youths staying at home will mean getting our hands glued to our phones connecting to the internet for various important reasons like accessing online learning, checking on family and friends or maybe getting updates on the Coronavirus issues. Sometimes you might find yourself scrolling through your feed only to find old and less interesting posts.

You can get your mind off the negativity today with an online turn up prepared by local artists. A live instagram broadcast themed ‘heat on the gram’ will feature upcoming artists having discussions about music, performances and surprises. 

The show sponsored by Lavitate in partnership with El Jae’s designs will be broadcasting live via @vinnie_raps instagram account. 

The aim of the broadcast is to have people online come together and have fun whilst promoting new sounds. “We want to showcase” said Vinnie Raps “you know how Instagram does not only broadcast to your followers it goes further than that”. 

Award winning hip hop artist Toast is the main act of the show. Other artists expected to appear on the broadcast are The Wave MW, Crimson North, Abhorsen, Phantom, Deo Cruger and many more.

Toast – Main Act