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Sports experts asked for football improvement

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By Petro Mkandawire

Sports analysts have asked Ministry of Youth and Sports to work hand in hand with the Ministry of Education in formalising sports in the education system at all levels as a way of improving sports in the country.

Speaking with Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Monday, sports expert, Kim Kamau, said the country seriously misses grassroots football development as in the past football, and sports in general, was incorporated in the education syllabus which assisted in unearthing and building talent at the most critical aspect of the game.

“The state of Malawi football is a mixed bag. If we dissect into the technical and administrative angles technically the game has stagnated. If we are to do a proper comparative analysis of gains made at the national level and infrastructure we will find out that it has dwindled to worrisome levels,” said Kamau.

He added that football commands a larger outcome than any other sport such that it has an ideal platform for creating market value for any product.

Vivah Mandala of Ngwangwa wan football zone. Pic, courtesy of Ngweangwa wan Football Zone

Kamau further explained that football generates revenue through gate collections and television rights and gives a platform for small and medium enterprises to undertake market activities.

In a separate interview Chairperson for Ngwangwa Wan Football Zone in Balaka, Vivah Mandala, appealed to government and other stakeholders to engage bonanza and leagues in local football communities because it is where talent and skillful people can be found.

“Gatekeepers should know that football starts from zones and it drives the economy. Lack of football resources hinders the improvement of football and the whole sports industry. Establishment of local sports from zones and districts can put Malawi on the map,” said Mandala.

He, therefore, said once vibrant structures which are an eyesore now like MDC, BAT, Nchalo, Zomba, Lilongwe Community Centre Ground and Mzuzu Stadium should be maintained they should be able to bring resources and boost the industry.

Minister of Youth and Sports, Uchizi Mkandawire said it is the ministry’s responsibility to make sure that resources are available for the elevation of sports in the country.

He said the ministry is working with other stakeholders to improve sports in the country.

“The industry has tremendously grown, with more stakeholders involved, including women administrators, and of course players. Our large focus is on the game to grow and provide all football necessities,” said Mkandawire.

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