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Small and Medium Enterprises Impressed with Buy Malawi Strategy

Chairperson of the National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (NSME’s), William Mwale has said that the Buy Malawi Strategy (BMS)has been effective in encouraging Malawians to buy locally made goods.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana)on Thursday in Blantyre, hesaid therewas recognition of products that are made by the SME sector and even the large scale enterprises.

“We see some of them in big supermarkets like Shoprite and Chipiku and these Supermarkets only allow products that have been certified by the Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS),”Mwale said.

He said the BMS is not making major strides outside the country but there is room for improvement.

“I have seen one or two products in foreign supermarkets that are operating outside the country. Sun Seed spread which is a brand of margarine that is locally produced is among those products.

“Nevertheless, there is a need to do more pushing. We see a lot of trucks delivering products from outside the country. This shows that our manufacturing base is very weak. Therefore there is a need for BMS to improve in terms of quality and productivity,”Mwale explained.

An Official from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism, Mayeso Msokera stressed there was need for Small and Medium Enterprises to take the packaging process on their products seriously as one way of calling people to utilize the BMS.

“Local producers in the country are failing to penetrate the market due to poor packaging of their products but still there has been a good response from Malawians and local producers in line with the use of the strategy after four years since its launch,” he said.

The Buy Malawi initiative was launched in 2016 in a bid to promote locally produced goods and services.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) supported the launch in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.- By Mwayi Gowelo

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