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Senior Chief Warns Against illegal Sand mining on Lake Malawi

By Golden Kang’oma Junior

Salima, Mana: Senior Traditional Authority (T/A) Maganga of Salima on Tuesday warned his Subjects and all people against illegal sand mining along the shores of Lake Malawi saying the malpractice is Jeopardizing tourism activities in the area.

Speaking during a sensitization meeting with chiefs and village development committee’s in Sengabay,  Maganga said there is a growing tendency  of people illegally mining along the shores of MAFCO and Senga-bay a move which is affecting the Eco-system.

He said the lake is the greatest source of the country’s revenue and tourism attraction hence the need to stop people doing such trade to make sure that the natural beach is not destroyed for people’s consumption.

“ Salima as a district highly depends on lake Malawi as a source of revenue in all terms, so it is very sad to see people destroying the lake through illegal mining, it therefore with this background that am asking all people doing this to stop so that our lake continues attracting tourists and enhancing revenue collection,” the chief explained.

He further urged chiefs to take actions to stop the malpractice and asked miners to find alternative means of mining apart from the lake as they can be using nearby rivers which are allowed for the same.

Salima district council acting Environmental Officer Adam Jason said that the council has aligned a number of activities to stop illegal mining.

Among other he said chiefs and community will be engaged in order to end the malpractice.

“Salima is a tourism hub hence we need to make sure that it is well protected that’s why we are doing different interventions to make sure that all illegal practices happening along the lake are stopped, and we will not allow illegal sand mining to destroy our beautiful beaches as it is against the constitution and perpetrators will be taken to task,” said Jason.

Jason also said that people should take their mining activities outside the lake and the lake should be left for tourism and fishing activities only.

District Tourism Officer for Salima, Wilfred Sagawa said it is sad that people have been destroying the beaches and other tourist attraction facilities.

He said the move need to be stopped if the country is to maintain the beauty of the lake and attract more tourists.

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