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SEEDS OF VICTORY – 10th February 2020

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With Apostle Joseph Ziba

Enhance the Quality of Your Life

Mark 4:24 King James Version (KJV)

“And he said unto them, Take heed what ye hear: with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you: and unto you that hear shall more be given”

If you do not know a thing, it is not available to your life. Therefore, you can’t use or access it. It will be available in your life for you to use when you know it. This should teach you and me of the value of knowledge.

The opening Scripture above entails that God measures you from what you hear and what you hear is what gives you knowledge. In other words, God measures us based on the knowledge we have. 

It must also be noted that the quality of your life is determined by the knowledge you have. You and I cannot enjoy a life more than we know. Any attempt to increase in knowledge is automatically an attempt to increase your quality of life. The Bible says by knowledge one is filled with good things (Proverbs 24:4). 

Therefore, apart from acquiring knowledge in other areas of life, giving yourself to the knowledge of God through voracious study of His Word is of great gain. The truth is that any man who is full of the Word surpasses everyone in the world. 


Heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus, I appreciate the revelation that You have delivered to my life today. I yield myself to the voracious study of Your Word because that’s the principal secret to enhancing the quality of my life. Amen.



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