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Schools Decry Shortage Of Teachers Amid Covid-19

By Thokozile Nyirenda

Rumphi, October 15, Mana: Schools in Rumphi have expressed concern over inadequate teachers, teaching and learning materials amid enforcement of Covid-19 pandemic preventive measures.

St. Denis Primary School head teacher, Nicolas Msukwa said splitting of classes to maintain social distance has posed a challenge as there are no new teachers to cater for newly established classes.

“Before Covid-19, teacher – learner ratio was good at our school. For example standard 4 had four classrooms but now it has nine classes which demands for more teachers to fill the new three classes,” Msukwa said.

Rumphi Primary School deputy head teacher, Lines Phiri said on top of shortage of teachers the school has inadequate learning and teaching materials.

“We have a few books. At first we used to put these learners in groups of 4 to 6 learners but now due to this covid-19 pandemic it is a big challenge to make these groups therefore every child is required to have his or her own book.

“This becomes a problem to those without books because we cannot allow two learners to have one book since we are protecting them from the virus,” Lines said.

Innocent Ngwira a standard 7 pupil at St. Denis Primary School said since he started school he is following all preventive measures to avoid the virus.

“I keep social distance, I always wear a mask and make sure that I wash hands before and after the class,” he said.

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