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Road Users Risk Accidents Due to Nonfunctional Traffic Rights

By Easter Khunga

Traffic lightsin Mzuzu City have been nonoperational for close to a year, pausing risk on lives of road users.

A taxi driver in the city, Rodrick Patrick Chione told the Malawi News Agency (Mana) Tuesday that there is zero tolerance for drivers since the traffic lights stopped functioning.

“Almost everyone wants to go first as there is nothing to control the traffic. Some vehicles have ended hitting each other and cyclists too are at risk,” said Chione.

Mzuzu City Council publicist, Macdonald Gondwe said most motorists run away when they hit street poles leaving the council with maintenance responsibility.

“We are doing everything possible to restore order in the management of these lights so that we prevent road accidents,” said Gondwe.

He said for the past four months, the council has carried maintenance works to ensure all traffic and street lights are functional.

“Traffic lights is an automated way of controlling the traffic therefore the city council will see to it that traffic is well managed,” he said.

Regional roads transport officer for the north under the Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Measures, Leonard Mtonya said besides prevention of accidents, traffic lights ease congestion.

He said traffic lights give a fair share of road users among pedestrians, motorists and cyclists by regulating the flow of traffic.

“Traffic lights give a fair share of road users especially at intersections where there is always a congestion of road users,” he said.

He said the absence of these lights has resulted into cars crashing due to lack of tolerance.

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