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Project trains over 200 youth in computer skills

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By Fostina Mkandawire

Over 200 youth in Salima have undergone a four-week computer training as a way of improving their digital skills which will be their stepping for other ventures.

The training has been conducted with support from Computer Clinic Limited under the Digital Malawi Project.

Speaking on Monday during the graduation ceremony of the training, District Youth Officer, Jessy Mwansambo, said the computer skills would be stepping stone for the youth to venture into different careers that require computer skills.

She urged the graduating youths to pursue further studies so that they can continue sharpening their skills.

“The training has opened the way for the youth to participate in the digital world which is key in today’s world because everything is going digital,” she said.

Mwansambo says digital skills vital

Owing to the high cost of education, Mwansambo said offering the lessons for free was commendable and encouraged the youth who could not afford such lessons to be able to participate.

She said the youth being the drivers of change, equipping them with necessary skills is investing in the country’s development and progressing in the right direction.

The Public Private Partnership Commission is implementing the Digital Malawi Project with support from Malawi Government and sponsorship from the World Bank.

Communications Officer for Computer Clinic and Digital Malawi Project, Hazviperi Mbizi, said they received overwhelming response from the youth who showed interest in the training which ran for four weeks.

Mbizi said the training targeted more than 200 youth in the introduction to computer skills, basics of graphic designing and how to use social media in entrepreneurship. However, about 280 youth registered for the courses.

“Our wish is to see the youth doing something with their lives rather [than just] staying. With the skills they have gained, we are hopeful they will be able to start small businesses or get jobs,” she said.

One of the youths who were trained, Elizabeth Kaponda, said the training had sharpened her digital skills, especially social media marketing because she is an entrepreneur and would now be marketing her products on social media.

“I lacked basic knowledge in computer packages, therefore, the skills I have gained will assist me in my career path even when I pursue my studies further. The skills will still be useful in my academic life,” she said.

The training, which included entrepreneurship and digital skills, started in July 2023, and lasted for four weeks.

During ceremony, the youth that had graduated were each presented with a certificate of attendance. Apart from Salima, the project is also implemented in Lilongwe, Dowa and Ntchisi.

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