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Project to Revive Cotton Industry in Chikwawa

By Marian Macheka

Chikwawa, Mana: African Institute for Corporate Citizenship (AICC) Project Officer, Moses Ching’ombe Tuesday said his organization was implementing a project known as sustainable cotton for women and youth empowerment (SCOWYE) so as to revive cotton industry.

He said this during a field inspection visit in the area of Sub Traditional Authority Masache in Chikwawa, saying through the three year project, AICC was championing adoption of better cotton certification, and income diversification among others so as to improve production as well as productivity.

“Most of the times farmers use recycled seeds, poor farming techniques which in turn contribute to low output. However, through this project farmers have been trained on better cotton initiative aimed at making cotton production sustainable through minimization of chemical usage, crop diversification as well as soil health,” he said.

One of the lead farmers in the project, Flaiton Bishop expressed gratitude to AICC through SCOWYE saying the development has since seen boost in the cotton sector.

“Improved cotton production where we use improved methods like crop diversification, box ridges and manure ridges has had a positive impact on us. Production has increased leading to more profits. I have bought a motorcycle and currently planning on renovating my house,” he said.

Youth representative, Memory Peterson hailed the initiative as it has helped create incomes for more youth in the area.

“Before, most projects sidelined as but AICC trained as to be useful citizens. We are now able to engage in cotton production a thing they used to ignore due to the benefits that come with it,” she said.

Through its partnership with Cotton Council of Malawi, Cotton Ginners Association, SCOWYE project has exposed women and youth to profitable markets that offer good prices.