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Poor students’ performance frustrates sponsors in Kasungu

By Yankho Phiri

Kasungu, Mana: A number of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the education sector in Kasungu have bemoaned poor students’ performance at both primary and secondary schools despite several interventions.

Speaking during a District Education Network (DEN) interface meeting on Monday, Plan Malawi Project Officer, Clement Tholo, said it was painful to see learners who are on several NGOs’ sponsorship programmes underperform in schools due to lack of interest.

“We are very disappointed as sponsors who work tirelessly on the ground by providing support to needy students, but getting frustrating results in return.

“Not more than two out of every 10 students on sponsorship programme perform better, which is quite discouraging,” Tholo said.

In his remarks, Chairperson for Kasungu DEN, Clifford Kachale, attributed the challenge to poor coordination among education stakeholders in the district.

He said the stakeholders see each other as competitors instead of complimenting each other’s efforts.

“This is why we thought it wise to call for this meeting so that we should discuss ways which can help students, not only the ones on sponsorship, but all of them to start scoring better,” said Kachali.

He added that as a network, they would engage more stakeholders to resolve the issue and bring back satisfaction to partners as they have been mandated.

During the meeting, however, most of the participants proposed that the District Education Manager’s Office should conduct intensive monitoring of schools to make sure that teachers perform their duties as expected.

Some also urged the office for the re-establishment of zonal competition and use of role models in order to inspire and encourage students to work hard in their classes.