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Political Parties Urged to Trust Women With Leadership Positions

By Temwa Chiumia

Neno, September 11, Mana: Malawi Human Rights Resources Centre (MHRRC) has called for the need for those in high position to ensure equal representation of youth, men and women in leadership positions.

Director for MHRCC, Emma Kaliya made the remarks Thursday during the interface meeting in Traditional Authority (TA) Dambe’s area.

The remarks follow failure of women to get either a parliamentary or local government seat in the last tri-partite elections held in 2019.

“We are here talking with the stakeholders, chiefs, political parties officials and others to find out and champion on the same Gender Equality Act so that women are given a voice in decision making processes like having space in political party decision making positions.

“From what we have gathered most young women lack resources and moral support from their fellow women and cultural beliefs plays a big role as people believe women cannot have power over men,” Kaliya said.

Project Officer for Women Legal Resources Centre (WOLREC), Patience Kaphalanya, who organized the meeting, said the youth were at the centre stage advocating for a wind of change which at last blew across the country.

“Most of these youth feel abandoned as they no longer have space to come into contact with leaders whom once they were rubbing shoulders with which is frustrating to them. Most women are skilled than men but they lack resources and courage so this meeting will help empowering them,” she said.

Kaphalanya added, “As WOLREC we are implementing a project called young women in active politics which is to improve young people’s activeness in politics through having key positions in their respective parties as they represent majority population of the country.”

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