Poems for Easter By Jimmy David Mbwanda

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Poems and Illustrations by Jimmy David Mbwanda

THE CHAIN IS BROKEN (Reason for Easter)

The handcuffs are unlinked

The bonds to fear unknown are broken

Insecurity about future is no more

Being scared about failure cannot be traced no more

The chains are broken, the fetters are loose


The detention camps are open

Shackles of limitations have delinked

Strings pattern attached to mediocrity are broken

The fetter of sickness, hunger, weary, shame, and poverty are over

The arm irons are broken, the chains are broken


The manacles tied to my heart are broken 

The pit which enslaved my thoughts is levelled 

The chain of rejection, loneliness, isolation, abandonment is called off

The prison of despair, discouragement, distress, anger is finished

The jail locking me up in crawling, resentment, insult is unlocked

The chains are now broken, at last I am free



 Lovely mother – the sweetest mommy

The best breast feeder during my tender age

The Provider of various delicacies for my growth

A woman who never get tired, get bored and retired to care for me

A wonderful and marvellous mother I will live to take pride of


Mummy – an amazing soul waged with love and compassion

Tears never ceased to drop, weeping for me when I cry

Laughter was shared in good times

Always lending ear to my whispers

My mom, the best woman in the world and in my entire life


My mum, the woman with golden heart

All manner of lessons was taught to sharp me faculties

The atoms of appreciation were set in motion for free to me

Numerous words of encouragement were dished out for my little achievement

My little house chores were waged with your support

Broken fragments of my life were assembled when I stumble in pit of failure

My mother, the great woman who nurtured my personality


My mama, unique woman seasoned with unconditional love

A woman laminated with heart of forgiveness

A queen of my life endowed with great honour and dignity

A super lady fashioned with great virtues and integrity

A mum who led me by example in her mortality

Your veins flow with blood of decency and trustworthy

A great mother, graced with unstoppable responsibility

Sweet mother, best mum, the queen of my life