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Phyzix To Launch 15th Album Mountain Goat

Noel Chikoleka, also known as Phyzix, a legendary hip hop artist in Malawi, has recently announced the launch of his 15th album ‘mountain goat’.

The launch event is scheduled to take place on 15 December at Amaryllis Hotel in Blantyre, starting from 6pm.

Phyzix speaking at the press conference


During a press conference, Phyzix expressed his excitement about the album, stating that he is very passionate about music and releasing multiple albums holds a special place in his heart.

The album, consisting of 15 tracks, was released on all digital streaming platforms on 27 October and has been performing exceptionally well on the charts. It debuted at number 1 on Apple Music Malawi albums.

The official album cover art

The album features a lineup of both legendary artists such as Black Missionaries, Lucius Banda, Hyphen, Dare Devilz and Third Eye, as well as emerging talents like Driemo, Kellie Devine njuchi, Mazani and Afana Ceez. Phyzix has collaborated with artists from Zambia and South Africa, showcasing his international reach.

The album launch promises an immersive live band hip-hop experience. The event will feature a diverse range of musical genres, including hip hop and others. Featuring  performances by both local and international talents. Notably, Jae Cash from Zambia and Loki from South Africa will grace the event with their performances.

Mountain Goat album launch at Amaryllis Hotel in Blantyre in the festive season.

Phyzix has secured official sponsorship from Sunnyside Lounge, Biz Beverages, Benedicto Bena Nkhoma, and Ipiana Magomba, further solidifying the event’s credibility.

There will be a variety of tickets available for purchase for the upcoming classy event. Students will have the opportunity to purchase tickets at a discounted price.

To conclude the night, the after party will take place at Blues Bar and restaurant. The after party night  will be spiced up with performances.

Phyzix has been nominated for Hip Hop artist of the year at the Maso awards happening on Sunday in Lilongwe.

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