Phyzix Makes Big Sales On Gamba Season EP

Phyzix has released Gamba season Extended playlist which has already set a record being the most selling Malawi music project through pre-orders.

Noel Phyzix Chikoleka

The EP is selling at k1,000 and people have been pledging more supporting the artists work. Malawi’s well known figures have engaged in buying the EP and congratulated and appreciated the work by posting on social media.

It came to a surprise to many when Fredokiss bought the EP at k100,000 despite the long time controversy. 

Hip hop gospel artist Gwamba bought the EP at k50,000 saying he believes artists should support each other before the audience comes in for the industry to grow. 

Among other figures that bought the EP are Blantyre’s former mayor Noel Chalamanda, footballer Gerald phiri Jr, Gospel Hip hop artist Suffix, and comedian Tannah Mr broken English as the list goes on.

The EP has 9 songs and It has appearances from Jolly Bro (JB), Diktator, Daredevils, Abambo AB, Blak jak, Martse, LeeAmber Aic, Fyah Bwoy and Teddy. The songs have been produced by a very good producers namely Tricky Beats, BFB, Janta, Daredevils, Stich Fray, Tonicity, Leumas, Macia and Alex.

Gamba season EP official tracklist

Phyzix posted on his Facebook how proud he is and thanked all those that are buying the EP. “Remember it’s not just about just about buying my EP but a cultural shift of placing value on Malawian talent” he wrote. 

You can buy the EP using the Mikozi network website or by visiting Phyzix’s official social media pages for more transaction details. Do not fall victim to fraudsters.