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Phalombe CCAP Youth Clean-Up Exercise

By Sam Majamanda

Phalombe, November 10, Mana: Phalombe Central Africa Presbyterian Church (CCAP) youth over the weekend put Bibles aside to preach the Word of God through sanitation activities in various places in the district.

Among the cleaned places were Phalombe District Council office premises and parts of the Phalombe Boma Market.

Speaking during the event, Chairperson for the grouping, Wonderful Njewa, said as the saying goes ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’, the initiative, which is conducted annually towards the rainy season, is both humane and Godly.

“We believe by doing this, we are serving our community and want every young person to emulate the example so that we can create a safe environment where we can all live peacefully through the rainy season which is characterized by diarrhea diseases,” said Njewa.

Phalombe District has for the past four years, not registered Cholera cases which has cleared its yearly Cholera history for years before 2016.

Commenting on the clean-up exercise, Environmental Desk Officer (EDO) for Phalombe District Council, Davie Guta commended the church youth for supporting the district council in cleaning up its place, saying such was what the youth needed to be doing.

Guta said as President, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera introduced the National Clean-up Campaign; it is encouraging to see young people in the district taking responsibility over their environment.

“We want to encourage all other youth groups across the district to emulate this gesture so that we support the national initiative as introduced by His Excellency the President,” Guta said.

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