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Pastor, Son Die From Covid-19

A church pastor and his son have both died of coronavirus just days apart from one another.

Pastor Nathaniel Slappey Sr., 80, of New St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church of Detroit, died on April 30. Just days later, his son, Nathaniel Slappey Jr., 49, died on May 2.Pastor Slappey’s church has been left devastated by his death.

Announcing his passing on May 1, the church wrote on its Facebook page, “Yesterday our pastor, Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Slappey, made his transition and is resting now, and for eternity, in the arms of Jesus.”

The statement added, “He was a true man of God and stood steadfast and unmovable on the Word. His love for New St. Luke MBC and all of its members will live on in our hearts and minds forever.

“We thank you, Pastor Slappey, for 50 years of unwavering love, faithfulness, and dedication in teaching us ‘thus saith the Lord…'”

However, just a day after that announcement news of the pastor’s son, Slappey Jr.’s death broke, escalating the mourning of church members.

The church announced the son’s death with the following statement: “The family of the late Pastor Nathaniel Slappey and the NSL church family have experienced another heart-breaking loss.

“It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of Pastor and Sis. Josephine Slappey’s eldest son, Nathaniel Jr.”

The church also released a prayer, asking God to end the coronavirus pandemic: “Dear God, our hearts are heavy because there are so many sick and dying. Please bring this pandemic to an end. We need a miracle. Amen.”

The statement added, “He made his transition yesterday and we know, that like his father, he is resting in the arms of Jesus now and for eternity. Please continue to pray for the Slappey family’s comfort and strength. God Is Able.”

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