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Pan African Parliament Hails Malawi for Peaceful Transition

By Ireen Kayira

Lilongwe, October 10, Mana: The Pan African Parliament (PAP) delegation has hailed Malawi for a peaceful transition after the court-sanctioned fresh presidential election held on June 23, this year.

Pan African Parliament President, Bouras Djamel said this during the meeting he held with Malawi’s Minister of Justice on Monday in Lilongwe.

He said as members of PAP, their goal and aim is to have stability and peaceful transitions in all African countries, citing Malawi as an example to follow.

“As Members of Parliament, we are interested in having a peaceful transition in the continent as it will help in the fulfillment of the aspirations of the African people.

“Additionally, governments in peaceful situations will be able to prosper, push and advance the agenda for the protection of families, children and creation of job opportunities in Africa,” he said.

Djamel said the PAP delegation came in the country to discuss all subjects relating to the African people and the continent and the Malabo Protocol.

Minister of Justice, Titus Mvalo, said once the protocol is ratified, it will enable PAP pass laws that will be implemented in member states.

“It is a process that we are going through and at the right time government will give the response on the question of ratification,” he said.

The Malabo Protocol provides for the inclusion of criminal jurisdiction within the remit of the proposed African Court of Justice and Human Rights.

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