Nthambi Hospital Opens In Lilongwe

Nthambi Private Hospital was opened was on Saturday opened in the City of Lilongwe to complement the delivery of health services to the residents.

The Clinic  is situated in Area 43 is a private hospital owned by a nurse, Pamela Masoka who decided to open this hospital so that she could easily reach out and assist people.

She said in an interview that the opening of the new hospital was aimed at addressing problems that are not always talked about and seen but make people unhealthy such as depression.

“I decided to open this hospital so that I could reach to a number of people that are not healthy. World Health Organisation (WHO) defines healthy as a complete social, physical, spiritual and psychological wellbeing not necessarily just the absence of sickness or infirmity, I saw it fit to implement this.

“In my aspect of health care, I would like to reach out to the person’s heart and deal with those problems that are not always talked about and seen but make people unhealthy like depression, Masoka said.

She explained that the fact that the clinic would be run by a nurse would make it unique as nurses usually are more close to the patient and prioritizes the needs of the patient.

Vice chancellor at Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST), Prof. Address Malata advised the female Chief Executive Officers to not be discouraged and keep her dream going.

The facility will have an in and outpatient department, Labour and delivery, surgical, orthopaedics, physiotherapy and under five department.

Among other main services this facility will offer, cervical cancer screening, under five clinic, free HIV testing and counselling and will have a chaplain counselling which will help people who are struggling with depression and stress.

Nthambi Hospital is an expansion of two clinics which were opened last year in the Areas 49 and 25 in the same city of Lilongwe.  This new hospital has a capacity of 10 beds.- By Ruth Salimu