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NSO Lied to Malawians On Albinos Census

By Judith Kayange

Chairperson for Association of Persons with Albinism (APWA) in Mzimba, Richard Mithi says statistics on the number of people with albinism in the district as reflected by the 2018 Population and Housing Census does not reflect the actual situation on the ground.

Speaking Wednesday in an interview with Malawi News Agency, Mithi said the data by National Statistical Office (NSO) does not give a true reflection of the population of persons with albinism in the district.

“There are 69 people with albinism in our district and not over 8, 000 as per information from (NSO).

“We, therefore, ask NSO to explain to us the actual process which they used to come up with such a huge figure as this contradicts with what is on the ground,” said Mithi.

He also advised NSO to re-count persons with albinism in the district so that government should have the correct information.

Mithi said following the misinformation, government bought more than the required security alarms for people with albinism in the district.

However, commenting on the issue, Public Relations Officer for NSO, Kingsley Manda said his organization gathered information from households.

“We didn’t go there to count people with albinism, no; we had a questionnaire which included a question on people with albinism.

We even have names of the households that have persons with albinism. So what we published is based on what enumerators were told by the households,” said Manda.

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