Nsanje to Plant Over 1.3 million Trees

By Martin Chiwanda, MANA

Nsanje District Council is optimistic it will achieve its target of planting 1.3 million trees this year, saying more than 990, 000 trees have already been planted to date.

Nsanje District Commissioner, Reinghard Chavula, said Wednesday at Mpatsa in Senior Chief Tengani headquarters during the planting of 2500 organised by Beam Trust in the district.

Chavula said Nsanje was one of the districts that have put much effort in planting and taking care of trees in an effort to bring back forest cover which would then lessen the occurrence of floods.

“Our quest in promoting activities that spearhead issues of climate change is on the right track. We planned to plant 1.3 million trees as a district. As of today, I can say we have planted over 990,000 trees and we are double sure that the target will be met,” said Chavula.

She, however, urged communities in Nsanje to continue planting more trees and taking care of them to achieve the target.

However, the district commissioner expressed concern over reluctance by most men to participate in tree planting exercises, saying the men are the ones who use trees more than women.

“When it comes to the use of trees, men take the lion’s share as compared to women. However, men have always been reluctant to plant trees. Therefore, let me call upon all men in the district to take a leading role in tree planting exercises,” she urged.

Chavula then applauded Beam Trust for considering Nsanje District for tree planting, saying the exercise would enhance chances of beating their target of plating 1.3 million trees this year.

Beam Trust Executive Member Charles Chapola said it was the wish of the First Lady Gertrude Mutharika to see to it that Malawi is beautified, hence the need for all Malawians to support the cause.

“We are here as Beam Trust to officially facilitate the planting of 2500 trees. It has been the wish of the First Lady Gertrude Mutharika to make Malawi green and beautiful. Therefore, let us support her in this noble exercise,” said Chapola.