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Nsanje DC To Engage Mozambican Counterpart Over Fracas

By Martin Chiwanda

Nsanje, September 12, Mana: District Commissioner (DC) for Nsanje, Medson Matchaya Friday promised Tengani communities that would engage his Mozambican counterpart on the fracas which resulted in 47 Malawians being harassed by the Mozambican Police.

He made the intention known in the area of Senior Chief Tengani when he visited the communities who were victimized by the Mozambican Police when they were coming from their agricultural fields.

He said it was his duty to ensure that people in the district are living in peace with the neighbouring country Mozambique to ensuring that Malawians are doing their economic activities freely.

“I cannot accept seeing its citizens being assaulted or being harassed. I can’t accept our citizens committing crimes. With the issue at hand, I am engaging my Mozambican counterpart in Morumbarra, Posto Shire to find the lasting solution to this issue.

“Let me tell you that the relationship of the two countries is cordial but only few individuals are the one bringing in this bad practice,” Matchaya said, to the community that converged at Nthembwe Village in the area of Chief Tengani.

The DC asked the people in the area together with the victims that they should not live in fear as the issues are being handled.

Matchaya urged the communities which were harassed not to revenge as that would create unnecessary situations.

Narrating on what happened for the people to be harassed when they were coming from their agricultural fields in Mozambique, Village Head Nthembwe whose wife was among the people who were assaulted said the situation was bad.

He said the Mozambican Police were asking the Malawians who were coming from the agricultural field to give them K1, 000 each.

“So, if one fails to give them money, people were being beaten. This did not go well with the Malawians as they overpowered the Mozambican police, snatching them their AK riffle. So, the Mozambican Police had to mobilize themselves and started beating everyone while they were naked.

“About 47 people were beaten while naked. My wife is was among the people who were harassed,” Village Head Nthembwe narrated.

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