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Nkhotakota District Council ponders to form a football team

By Stanley Nkhondoyachepa

Nkhotakota, Mana: Nkhotakota District may soon have a united football team to represent the district in local tournaments if the dream expressed by the council is anything to go by.

The dream to have a football team, to be called Nkhotakota United, was disclosed last Friday during a Full Council meeting held in the district.

Coincidentally, the construction of the district’s Chigumula Football Ground is nearing completion.

Speaking during the meeting, the Education Service Committee Chairperson, Councilor Sam Chunga of Linga Sani Ward, said there is a lot of potential in as far as the sport is concerned in the district.

He said several youth in the district have the skill and talent, but lack exposure. He further observed that some of the football legends in the country originated from the district.

“We need to form this team and ask some notable players such as Lovemore Fazili, who hails from this district, to come and assist us to identify and train our youths as we form this team,” said the councilor.

Reacting to the concerns on whether the council has the economic muscle to support the team, Chunga said there were plans to line up fund raising activities such as football matches across the district for the purpose.

He said the team will be representative of the district, which would require all parts of the district to have an opportunity to participate in the exercise of contributing players.

One of the youth in the district, Ibrahim Ibadai, was all praises for the idea, saying it would help the youth develop their talents.

“This will be a good development for football, not only in Nkhotakota but for Malawi, because talent will be exposed and hopefully, some youth from here will play at national and international levels,” he said.

However, Ibadia said there was need to reach out to all the youth from all parts of the district to ensure that skilled players are selected to represent the district well.

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