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Home » News » Nigerian National Detained in Malawi for Smuggling Cocaine

Nigerian National Detained in Malawi for Smuggling Cocaine

By James Mwale

The Malawi Police at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) Tuesday arrested a Nigerian national, Humphrey Dubem Okoro who attempted to smuggle 0.7 grams of cocaine.

KIA Police Publicist, Sapulain Chitonde told Malawi News Agency, that the suspect, a 29 year old, was expected to fly to Bamako, Mali through Ethiopian Airlines.

Chitonde said the dangerous drug was discovered when the suspect’s laptop bag went through the airport’s police X-Ray machine.

“When the suspect knew that his deal had been discovered, he quickly went out of the airport’s forward lounge where he had been waiting and attempted to escape arrest through a taxi back to Lilongwe City,” explained Chitonde.

He added that the suspect accepted ownership of the bag and the drug, and pleaded for forgiveness.

Okoro will soon appear before court to answer charges of attempted Exportation of Dangerous Drugs contrary to Section 11(A) Regulation 19 of the Dangerous Drugs Act.

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