NGO in a walkathon for waste bins

By Salomy Kandidziwa

Lilongwe, February 24, Mana: Save the Future Foundation is advocating for proper waste disposal and management through awareness campaigns and clean-up operation.

The Foundation aims to achieve this through a walkathon that will raise K3, 750, 000 for the procurement of waste bins that will be distributed to three district councils of Ntchisi, Dowa and Lilongwe.

The waste bins will be donated in markets whose leadership will be working hand in hand with the Foundation to ensure its proper utilization. 

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Wednesday, the Foundation’s Executive Director, Maloto Chinkombero, said the event will be held for two days from Thursday to Friday. 

“We want to mobilise at least 50 waste bins that will be distributed to the three said district councils. Although this is a duty of the councils, we feel everyone has a role to play hence our coming in,” Chinkombero said.

He described the event as important saying it will bring a large impact in the communities and as such people are encouraged to donate any amount from K200 towards the initiative.

 “Our past cleanup activities have positively contributed to the mindset change of the people towards environmental conservation and climate change matters hence people are encouraged to join the big walk,” he said.

In a separate interview Director of Chifuno Changa Green Initiative, Chifuno Stephens, said the event will bring awareness to all Malawians on essential proper waste management.

“If we allow our environment to disintegrate right in front of us we are doing a great injustice to the future generation of Malawi,” Stephens said. 

She added that each and every one has the responsibility to ensure proper and safe waste disposal.

She, therefore, urged each and every one to take a closer look at the natural environment and ensure doing the best to protect the environment for the good of Malawi.

“The dangers of improper waste disposal will affect not only our health, but that of our livestocks, the quality of our food and our land,” she said.

In August last year, Save the Future Foundation organized a Kamtoletole Project, an initiative aimed at improving waste management through collecting waste as well as civic educating the communities on waste management without harming the environment.

The initiative which ran from august to December, 2020 targeted communities of Areas 22, 24 and surrounding areas.

The walkathon will also help to raise awareness on proper waste disposal and management and as such enabling behavioral change among the public.