New Musical Series Premiering Tonight – Nyenyezi

This year has been great for the Malawi movie industry. We are witnessing its growth and as the decade progresses, we will doubtlessly have more nights in a nice comfy place enjoying popcorn while being entertained by more visuals produced in the warm heart.

One production to look up to is musical series titled ‘Nyenyezi’ presented by Innov8 and Kanchowa studios. Scripted by the son of Dr Ethel Kamwendo Banda, Peter Banda, known by his stage name as Pete.

The series is based on art, music and shows how young talented people struggle in the industry. Nyenyezi is a story about a boy named David, played by Pete, who does whatever it takes to make his dreams come true. It has been created with the aim of impacting artists to continue doing what they are good at.

The first episode is premiering tonight. Season one will have 12 episodes which will be released weekly on Fridays through YouTube and Facebook.

In an interview with Leyman publications Pete explained that the musical is mainly inspired by purpose. “I want people to find their purpose on earth” he said “I know my purpose. God sent me on this earth to preach through music. [I want my fellow youths to understand that there is something we have to fulfil on earth”.

A smashing soundtrack from the series was released last week titled unstoppable. The song produced at Innov8 encourages a young person not to give up. “We should do whatever it takes to fulfil that purpose, even if it takes time” said Pete who performed the song referring to the lyrics which say ‘sindithera pano’ meaning I will not stop here. You can find it on our music store (

An app for updates on the series is being developed.