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Neno District Council approves K11.4 billion budget

By Salome Gangire

Neno District Council has approved about K11 billion budget for the 2024/25 financial year.

Presenting the budget at the full council meeting, chairperson for Finance Service Committee, who is also Chikonde Ward Councillor, Biswas Maganga, said the budget will be financed with four streams.

He said the streams are government direct payments (personal emoluments) pegged at K5.7 billion, central government transfers at K1.9 billion, locally generated revenues at K114.1 million and donor financing pegged at K3.8 billion.

According to Neno District Council, the exact amount for the approved budged is K11,488,099,383 for the four streams with health sector getting the lion’s share, as it gets K786.9 million seconded by the education sector with K274.5 million.

The least sector is nutrition department with K2.9 million, according to Maganga, who further explained that the council will carry out a number of development activities like the extension of Mwetangombe gravity fed water system, Namapanga bridge decking, Mphakati bridge construction, Chididi piped water project extension and rehabilitation of classroom blocks, among others.

Speaking in an interview after the budget approval, Director of Planning and Development for the council, Charles Lomoni, thanked the full council for passing the budget and expressed optimism that once the budget is approved at central level, the proposed activities in the budget will be implemented.

He described the 2024/25 budget a people’s budget, as there has been an increase from the current budget which is at K8,563,922.116 with assurance that the council will undertake a number of development activities to meet people’s development aspirations.

“In the development budget under GESD, the council through the Finance Service Committee agreed to prioritise construction of Mchena Primary School block and teachers houses and toilets as a full package,” Lomoni said.

Chairperson for Civil Society Network in Neno, Samson Njolomole, commended the council for coming up with the budget and expressed hope that development projects that have been lined up will bring good results.

He said the 2024/2025 budget was worth celebrating with anticipation that the extension of Mwetangombe gravity fed water system from Mwetangombe to Lisungwi will improve hygiene and sanitation along the system.

“I would also like to commend the council for including (in the budget) Namapanga bridge decking and Mphakati bridge construction. These are good projects benefiting community members,” he said.

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