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National Assembly to partner with World Vision Malawi

By Tione Andsen

Lilongwe, Mana: National Assembly has spelt the need to partner with World Vision Malawi (WVM) in order to foster development needs in various constituencies in the country.

Speaker of the National Assembly, Catherine Gotani Hara made the marks Wednesday during Engagement meeting with Members of Parliament on WVM 2021-2025 Strategy at Sunbird Lilongwe Hotel.

She observed that WVM has been in operational in the country since 1982 but has had no working agreement with the National Assembly.

Hara pointed out that Non- Government Organizations (NGOs) such WVM should strive to establish working with relationships with the National Assembly.

“NGOs should be keen to look for opportunities in order to lobby with Members of Parliament (MPs) to change some of the laws they deem not conducive to their operations. They can lobby through private members motions in order to advance some amendments of the laws,” she added.

Hara appealed to NGOs in the country to consult MPs when implementing development projects in an area in order to instil issues of ownership.

Dube- the Strategy calls for accountability pic by WVM

The Speaker hailed WVM for engaging MPs to appreciate the newly formulated WVM 2021-2025 strategy which need the support of all stakeholders.

She said the gesture would accord MPs to have a better understating of the Strategy and be part of the implementation process.

“We have seen that the Strategy is been implemented in the sectors of education, food security, Early Childhood Development (ECD), health, education, water and ending  Gender Based Violence  (GBV) and child marriages,” Hara explained.

Minister of Gender, Social Welfare and Community Development, Patricia Kaliati said it was pleasing to note that the new WVM Strategy has been aligned with Malawi 2063.

She said Strategy calls for the involvement of all stakeholders so that no one should not be left behind.

Kaliati said District Council should be vigilant in making sure that all NGOs working in their councils should be implementing their development projects according to their District Development Plans (DDPs).

Kaliati- Strategy aligned to MW 2063 pic by WVM

She said in order to achieve this MPs need to play their rightful role in the monitoring and implementation processes.

WVM National Director, Francis Dube said the WVM Strategy offers a positive promise to the children of Malawi and government.

He said it calls for the transparency and accountability in the implementation process of the Strategy.

“It will provide an opportunity for checks and balance in its implementation and calls collaboration, linkages and advocacy for the improvement of the livelihoods of children and communities,” Dube added.