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Mwanza learns from Mchinji District Council

By Vincent Khonje

Mwanza District Council has taken a page out of Mchinji District Council’s playbook, learning about border entry fees for foreign vehicles entering Malawi through the Mchinji border in a bid to enhance revenue collection.

Mchinji Council successfully introduced a border entry fee which foreign buses, trucks, taxis, and others entering from Zambia pay upon getting into Malawi, thereby bolstering revenue streams.

Councillor Steve Kasambwe, the chairperson of Mwanza Council, emphasised the council’s proactive approach in seeking knowledge from Mchinji.

“We thought we could learn from Mchinji in order to maximise our revenue collection. This proactive stance underscores Mwanza’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and resource optimization,” said Kasambwe.

Chairperson for Mchinji Council, Dorothy Musa described the visit by officials from Mwanza as a testament for Mchinji’s effective governance.

“The fact that another council has come to learn from us shows that Mchinji council is doing well in as far as revenue collection is concerned.” Musa said.

Kasambwe (right) speaks to the two groups

The officials from Mwanza District Council, were led by their District Commissioner Martha Margareta Sineta, and the group also had Inkosi Kanduku.

Sineta said the trip was enlightening and hoped they will replicate what they have learnt.

“We hope to do what we have seen here and we will invite you to see what we have done,” said Sineta.

Mchinji DC, Lucia Chidalengwa, councillors, Senior Chief Dambe and council officials gave their counterparts a warm reception for the two days they were in Mchinji.

Apart from holding discussions the two groups also visited a roadblock at Chidiso where revenue is collected, before proceeding to the Mchinji One Stop Border Post.

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