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Mutharika Urges Opposition to Stop Destroying Property

By Mary Makhiringa

Malawi President Professor Peter Mutharika has reiterated the need for all people in the country to unite and protect the country’s assets.

Mutharika made the remarks on Thursday when he addressed a development rally at Balaka LEA Primary School in Balaka district.

The Malawian leader said it was sad to note that some people in the country are destroying property in the name of demonstrations, saying the tendency derails the development of the country.

President Mutharika confers with Vice President Chimulirenji during the rally in Balaka-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

“We are trying our best as government to develop this country but others are busy destroying that within minutes; this will only derail the development of this country as far as I am concerned,” Mutharika lamented.

“This is not good and I urge you all to stop this immediately, if it is the issue of elections, I worn fairly and squarely and others are saying I should stop saying this, but I will not because I won,” he added.

The president, however, hailed people of the eastern region for the support they rendered to the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) during the general elections.

“Let me thank you for the support you gave us during the last election; the eastern region gave us support and we won, this cannot go without being noticed.

“My administration will continue developing the eastern region as I have already been doing. In fact, 11 secondary schools will be constructed in Balaka alone with more others distributed within the region,” he said.

Mutharika, therefore, called upon all DPP supporters in the country to remain united and plan for the coming elections in a bid to consolidate the party at all levels.

Commenting on the serious water problem in Balaka, Mutharika assured people of Balaka and the entire region that soon a water project will start in the district to help address the water challenge currently rocking the area.

He also assured people that government would construct a modern district hospital in Balaka and that the road infrastructure program will continue in the district.

DPP Supporters

Speaking earlier, DPP Vice President for the Eastern Region, Bright Msaka commended the President for the relief maize and rice government has been distributing in the region to help hunger stricken households find relief.

“Your Excellency, government through the Department of Disaster Management Affairs which is under the control of the Vice President has helped in providing maize and rice to help those in need of relief food assistance.

“This is commendable and as a region we do not take it for granted as it clearly shows that you are a caring government,” Msaka said.

DPP Regional Governor for the East, Julius Paipi assured the President of continued support to the party.

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