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Mutharika Promotes Missing MDF Soldiers

By James Mwale

Malawi President Peter Mutharika Wednesday recognised and promoted two military officers who had gone missing during in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) during a peacekeeping mission.

During the ceremony which took place at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe, the President hailed the two as heroes who executed their duty of doing the right thing with courage, patriotism and integrity.

The two are  Corporal George Salim and Lance Corporal Gift Tatani Nkhoma had disengaged with fellow troops during a retreat in a firepower with armed rebel forces in an operation code-named Usalama South, in November,2018.

During the operation which was aimed at clearing DRC based Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), six of the Malawian troops died, while five went missing, three of whom were found and returned home on  September 4, 2019.

Mutharika recognised the two as “symbols of courage, heroism and peace that we all love as a country.”

He said that, “I want to commend thank our security forces for defending peace and defenceless people. Keep it up.

“You have shown that the peacekeeping you are doing in other countries is an extension of our peace loving spirit.”

Mutharika went on to promote Corporal George Salim, a gunner, to Sergeant and Gift Tatani Nkhoma from Lance Corporal to Staff sergeant.

Appreciating the recognition, Sergeant Salim said surviving the experience was not easy and hailed the recognition as a humbling honour.

 Sergeant Tatani Nkhoma dedicated the recognition to all his fellow MDF troops saying: “The recognition is not mine alone; we operated as a team and I couldn’t have survived the experience without my mates.

“I thus dedicate this honour to all MDF soldiers both home and abroad,” he said

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