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Mutharika Promises More Development

By Yamikani Yapuwa

Blantyre, May 8, Mana: Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Presidential candidate, President Peter Mutharika has reiterated his commitment to continue developing Malawi.

Mutharika said this on Thursday in Blantyre when declaring his interest to run for presidency as well as unveiling his running mate, Atupele Muluzi of the United Democratic Front (UDF) to the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).

“We will continue improving the economy of the country to enable Malawians to prosper

“We will also continue building good roads technical colleges, universities, secondary schools, houses for the poor.

“We are bringing electricity to rural areas, we are building hospitals and we will continue with more development,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika then called upon Malawians to come out and register to vote in order to restore the will of the people which was expressed in the May, 2019 election.

“On May 21, 2109, you the people of Malawi voted unanimously in an election that was free, fair, credible, transparent and credible. That was attested by all international observers.

“We won that election. I won that election. The results of that election were the will of the people.

“This election is not the will of the people. Therefore, I call upon Malawians to come out and register and vote to restore the will of people which was expressed in May, 2019,” said Mutharika.

He also urged Malawians to go out and vote for the leadership that can develop this country and reject politicians who want to destroy this country.

In her speech, Malawi Electoral Commission Chairperson, Justice Jane Ansah urged Mutharika and the party to champion the cause for a clean campaign.

“Let me urge you to confine yourself to a civilised campaign as Malawians are tired of mudslinging and foul-mouthed campaign. For a change, they want this election to be issue based,” said Ansah.

Justice Ansah also called upon the party to fully publicise the Code of Conduct as well as observe it.

“The Code of Conduct provides guidelines on how to conduct campaign and some of the things which candidates and their followers should do.

“We would also want you to teach people about election, more especially how to vote as you conduct political rallies.

“We also have first time voters and it is your duty to ensure that they are made aware of the importance of the election to ensure their participation,” said Ansah.

Meanwhile, MEC said it will scrutinise all the papers presented by the three candidates and declare them duly fit for presidency within seven days from Thursday.

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